Holy Name Catholic School students receive honors at state science fair

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Ten Holy Name Catholic School students returned from Laramie this week with several honors in the state science fair. The science fair, which ran March 6-8, was held at the University of Wyoming campus. The students began working on their projects in October and competed in the school science fair in January and the regional science fair in February. Students who placed first, second or third at each of the previous two fairs were eligible to compete at the state level. “The eighth graders did particularly well this year,” said Emily Emond, science teacher at Holy Name. “Some already had some extensive research for their project done when they came back this fall.” “We had four projects place and two additional projects get special awards,” she continued. “One was for excellence in anthropology, one was the Bill Barlow Memorial Award and one was for excellence in use of scientific units. This is a particularly good year I would say.” In addition to displaying their projects and the results of their work, the students also were interviewed by the judges. “The judges look at the projects without the kids there first and then they have interviews and talk with the judges,” said Emond. “It is a big part of theory placement.” The student placings are as follows: - Katelin Rogaczewski- 2nd place in Plant Sciences - Samantha Rogaczewski- 2nd place in Animal Sciences - Francisco Gallegos- 2nd place in Microbiology - Morgan Smith- 3rd place in Computer Science - Katie Magera- Excellence in Anthropology Award - Nicholas Aasby- Best Use of Scientific Units and the Bill Barlow Memorial Award *Feature photo: Front Row: Katelin Rogaczewski, Samantha Rogaczewski, Julia Smart, Katie Magera, Cisco Gallegos Back Row: Seth Deutscher, Alex Garber, Morgan Smith, Nicholas Aasby, Shannon Holzerland. h/t Holy Name Catholic School / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news