Snowmobiles causing resource damage in the Bighorn National Forest

(Sheridan, Wyo.) – Warming weather conditions have led to early snowmelt in some parts of the Bighorn National Forest, and conditions are ripe for damage to roads, trails and vegetation. Forest Service regulations prohibit over-snow travel in areas with less than six inches of snow. Patrollers have documented snowmobile tracks in areas that can take years to recover. Violators can be cited and fined. Spring is the most vulnerable time for roads and trails. Damage caused during spring snowmelt can quickly lead to costly repairs, soil erosion, damage to vegetation, and loss of use. “The public’s cooperation is a key factor in minimizing impacts to natural resources,” said forest supervisor Bill Bass. “Your judgment as a snowmobiler is critical to maintaining the freedom of use we enjoy." For information about road and trail conditions in the Bighorn National Forest, contact the Medicine Wheel Ranger District in Greybull at 307.765.4435, the Powder River Ranger District in Buffalo at 307.684.7806, or the Tongue Ranger District in Sheridan at 307.674.2600. #dally #news