43 permits issued during City's Free Demolition Disposal program

*Feature photo: Mayor John Heath sits in the council chambers at a work session Monday on the city's Free Demolition Disposal program. / Pitchengine Communities* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — When a fire destroyed Lulu's Cafe in downtown Sheridan, only a pile of charred building materials remained. To rid the city of damaged, destroyed and dilapidated building materials like the remains of LuLu's, the City adopted its Free Demolition Disposal program for a trial period of May of 2014-May of 2016. For a $40 permit fee, grindable construction materials have been accepted at the Sheridan Landfill free of charge, and are also not buried in the landfill, according to Charles Martineau, Solid Waste Superintendent for the City explained at a work session Monday. "LuLu's was the first project that was done, and it worked out really well," Martineau said. "I actually toured that building after it burned ... It was very good to get that out of the neighborhood and make it a more pleasant downtown." The Free Demolition Disposal program encourages infill development, community clean up and extends the life of the landfill, according to Charles Martineau, Solid Waste Superintendent for the City. Suitable grindable materials include construction materials free of sand, concrete, steel, large rock, asphalt, asbestos, treated lumber and metal. In the two-year period, 43 permits were issued to project sites across Sheridan. Thirty permits were for residential projects and 13 were non-residential. Four residential permits were issued to properties damaged by fire, and five non-residential permits were issued to downtown Main Street buildings. The projected project costs for all work completed under the program was $940,932. The program offers a "much needed break" from costs associated with construction, allowing for more funding to go into projects themselves. City residents have utilized the program to tear down homes that were dilapidated beyond repair, and needed to be abated. To continue the program, the council will have to extend the program past its May 2016 termination date. "I am excited about this program, and would like to renew it for, at minimum, two more years," Councilor Alex Lee said. "It drives renewing and rebuilding our community." #dally #news