City works on 10-year financial plan for Solid Waste Department

*Feature photo: The Sheridan City Council listens to Seth Cunningham, project manager with Burns & McDonnell Solid Waste and Resource Recovery, give **a presentation on its Solid Waste Fund Monday. / Pitchengine Communities* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — To meet a 10-year capital reserve goal in its solid waste budget, the City may need to decrease a discount given to commercial service users, a consultant told the city Monday. "You haven't seen a financial plan for the solid waste department probably since 2012," City of Sheridan Utilities Manager Dan Roberts said at a work session Monday. "That was when we last did a rate adjustment. This year, we have put a lot of detailed attention into our solid waste financial plan, looking at our various cost centers and the programs we are offering." Seth Cunningham, a project manager with Burns & McDonnell Solid Waste and Resource Recovery Practice, told the council that he was tasked with developing a 10-year financial plan that would meet the city's needs for the Solid Waste Division. He was also asked to identify a rate structure that would generate adequate funding to meet the goals of the plan, at the lowest cost to the ratepayers. The city's existing solid waste rates are $18.80 per household per month. Residential recycling fees are $3 per household per month. Commercial collection and recycling is $9.74 per cubic yard collected per week, meaning the cost to collect two cubic yards once per week would cost $84.43 per month. Commercial users receive a 30% recycling discount and an 10% multi-container discount. Cunningham recommends the city reduce the discount from 30% to 20%. This would mean approximately $160,000 in revenues would offset the commercial program revenues. #dally #news