Curbside pick-up results in overall increase in recycling of 71% in Sheridan

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Since the City of Sheridan started its curbside recycling program in August of 2015, recycling has increased 71%, according to Charles Martineau, Solid Waste Superintendent for the City. "This is very exciting," Martineau said at a city council meeting tonight. From August 2014 to January of 2015, 740 tons of recyclables were collected in Sheridan. In that same time span from 2015-2016, the city collected 1,265 tons with its curbside pick up program. There are 6,353 households participating in the program, and 56% are actually recycling. To reach that 56% total participation number, Martineau said he has his collections drivers count the number of containers that contain materials when they are picked up or left on the curb. While this means not everyone is using the bins, Martineau said industry standard is that it usually takes three years for a program to be fully adopted. Around 17 pounds of recyclables per household are collected in the curbside containers. As of January 2016, the city's program had generated $82,225 in commodity revenue from sale of recycled material. Sheridan residents are using the bins properly, too—there is a contamination rate of only 5%, meaning non-recyclables are being kept out. The industry standard is 15%. "We have successfully launched a major, citywide program," Martineau said. The city collects and processes around 10 tons of materials per day. Curbside recycling goals include meeting or exceeding a 25% increase in participation for each of the next two years, completing a multi-family implementation by the end of 2016 and continued public education and awareness of the program. [image: Inline image 1] *Pitchengine Communities photos* #dally #news