No agreement yet for City, Fire Union

*Goose Valley Fire Department, Sheridan Fire-Rescue, Rocky Mountain Ambulance and Sheridan County Sheriff’s Department respond to a fire on Decker Highway earlier this year. h/t Sheridan Fire Rescue file photo* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — Negotiations are ongoing between the City of Sheridan and the International Association of Firefighters Local 276 Union for contract negotiations for the 2016-17 fiscal year. Discussion stalled tonight over an adjustment in how the fire fighters are paid, which would increase most salaries less than a percentage point. Sheridan Mayor John Heath has said the city does not have the funding available to move the fire fighters to the city's "Condry pay scale," which other city departments use. While other departments are paid under what the Union and city deem a more appropriate pay scale, they are not seeing pay increases this year either. "We are not just saying no to the Union," Rios said. "All of our departments are flat lining." "I'm looking for you guys to work with us ... we are looking at our revenue stream, and maybe we could revisit this in July, August or September," Heath said. Union President George Neeson said the Fire Union agreed to put the Condry discussion on hold last year, when revenues were up—putting it on hold again this year may mean the fire fighters have to wait three to five years to be paid under the Condry scale. Many Sheridan Fire Rescue employees are topped out after decades of service under the current pay scale, Neeson has said. The fire fighters have not yet accepted a proposed contract from the city, and will present a written response to the city at the next meeting. "We are saying no, at this time," Neeson said, to the city's proposed contract without addition of the fire fighters to the Condry pay scale. Read more about the city's pay scale here . #dally #news