Sheridan City Councilor Alex Lee announces mayoral campaign

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Sheridan City Councilor Alex Lee has announced today that he plans to run for Mayor. Current Mayor John Heath has said he will not seek re-election, so a new Sheridan mayor will be elected in November and will take office in early 2017. "Over the years I have found myself encouraged to stand up and lead," Lee told Dally this morning. Lee has served as the president of the City of Sheridan's Planning Commission and as the vice president and president of the City Council "Now I am standing up and asking you to support me as your next mayor," Lee said. Lee said he has displayed the ability to listen, learn and lead; has a desire to listen to people and hear their hopes and fears; and a desire to learn about issues in Sheridan. He says he will lead with energy, integrity and passion. "Sheridan is in a position right now where we have done some heavy lifting over the past five-plus years," Lee said. "This current council and past council have put in place opportunities to be taken advantage of. They are going to require a leader that has the knowledge, the energy and frankly the burning inside to really push forward on it." Lee said that it is the opportunities we do have in Sheridan, despite the economic downturn, that motivate him to lead. "When I came on five years ago, we were reducing the budget by double digits," Lee said. "Individuals were having to make tough decisions, department heads were making tough decisions. Really, it was trial by fire in my first nine months, sworn in and going through that budget process. "If anything, it increased my desire to see this thing through," Lee said. "Whether it is adjusting our permitting levels, adjusting our requirements for development or bringing more assets onto the market, whether it is private, county, state and federal—those opportunities are in place now, and I truly believe now is the time to put your foot on the gas." #dally #news