Tutorial: How to get Dally on your phone's home page

Sheridan, Wyo.) — Many people have reported having trouble using Facebook's internal browser to get to stories on our news stream here. You can completely avoid dealing with browser issues from other apps by surfing directly to Dally from a shortcut on your phone's home screen. Our mobile site also allows you to share events, news tips, and photos with us directly from your phone. (Open the "hamburger" menu on the upper left, and you'll get all sorts of options, including a look at our other feeds.) To add a Dally shortcut to your phone, open the site on your preferred internet browser. There should be the "three dots" in the upper right hand corner. Opening that should give you the option to "Add to home screen" (in Chrome) or "Page > Add to home screen" (in Firefox.) ​ On an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple products, the shortcut on Safari may look like a box with an arrow pointing up. Click that and click "Add to home screen." ​In most cases, it will ask you to "name" your shortcut. After that, click "okay", and you should see a Dally icon on your phone screen that will lead you right to us. #dally #news