#WyoStrong: Dan Bockman builds fences into the future

(Dayton, Wyo.) — This beautiful cedar split rail fence outside Ranchester has one heck of a story to tell. It begins in late 2013, when Sheridan County resident Dan Bockman realized he was going to lose his job with Marathon Oil. Instead of sitting idly by, he decided he would form an LLC within the state of Wyoming. He called it Bockman Group LLC . What that LLC would do—well, that Dan wasn't sure of. But he knew that when the layoffs came, he would be glad to have an LLC to fall back on. And he was right. "Things started falling apart, and we all started losing our jobs," Dan told Dally. "I was given some notice and I knew it was going to happen ... it did happen a little sooner than I was ready for. But the time, I had no idea how perfect the timing was." This was November of 2013. Living with his family on a ranch between Dayton and Ranchester, Dan was at a branding soon thereafter. "As that door started to shut, I started to fall back on what we prepared for. ... That LLC that we filed for that we didn't know what it was going to be? A good friend told me one time that the people you need the most fall into your life when you need them the most. Sure enough, we had this ranch and we had a branding," Dan said. "A friend of mine said, 'I am a fencer. I am looking for somebody to start a company and I will build fence for them.'" Today, two and a half years later, the Bockman Group's workload is huge—and ever growing. Dan's crew started out building traditional fences: residential, barbed wire, the kinds of fences you see across Wyoming. But then, as is in his nature, Dan's ingenuity kicked in. "One of the best things that ever happened to the company was my wife's Pinterest page," he said, smiling. Now, his crew is on the cutting edge, building creative fences that make Bockman Group stand out. And it is that attitude that has made Dan successful in changing job loss in an economic downturn into personal success. Dan says he wakes up every day at 3 a.m. to "listen to his brain hum." He is always thinking of ways to make his business stand out, to make his ideas work. And not every idea works—but those failures also help him along. "While you are innovating, you have to keep in mind that regret is going to hurt a hack of a lot more than failure," Dan said. "That is the thing I keep in my mind every time I think of new things. I say to myself, somebody else is going to do this someday, and I am going to regret that I didn't see that. I have to just reach out, and if fail at it—well, all my failures have seemed to evolve into my successes." [image: Inline image 1]*Dan Bockman at his desk. / Pitchengine Communities* That is his message, he said. "I am a college dropout," Dan said. "I am married to the most beautiful woman in this valley with two fabulous kids. I live on a great big ranch ... if I had kept on with college, I don't know if any of this would have come along. ... The best thing I ever did was drop out of college." Dan said he wants to spread his message of hope and life after job loss across Wyoming. And along with that, he believes Bockman Group will grow and evolve into the premier fencing company of the region. His crew, he says, is the best in the world, and another huge reason his company has been so successful. "Here in 2016, we have pressed on the gas," Dan said. "We literally do the best fences in the region, and we are ready to be challenged." There are trillions of dollars out there just waiting for someone to have a great idea, he added. "Everybody thinks they don't go for it because of money, but that is not it. It is because they are afraid to fail. I always say, 'Why are you afraid of failure? You have been failing at things all your life, and you are still here. You are doing ok,'" Dan said. "I want to inspire people though action. I want to get out and do more public speaking, help people with words of inspiration, but my actions are the loudest inspiration." To reach out to Dan or to have him share his story with you or your organization, he is available at If you would like to reach out to Pitchengine to share your #WyoStrong story, please do ! [image: Inline image 2]*The Bighorns behind Bockman Group LLC's recent split rail cedar fence outside Dayton. / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news #wyostrong #county10 #reboot #oilcity #shortgo #springcity #buckrail #county17