Snowpack up at the end of March, down again

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — After storms at the end of March, the snow-water equivalent in both the Powder and Tongue River Basins was up—an improvement after weeks of decline. But according to today's report, the snowpack is back down, not to record levels, but it is sitting at 66% in the Tongue River Basin and 81% in the Powder River Basin. While warmer temperatures brought the SWE back down, it is still above where it was at this time last month. In mid-March, experts told the Sheridan area that the snowpack in the Tongue/Powder basins was at a record low. The Wyoming Weather Modification Program has started looking at the possibility of cloud seeding through a feasibility study of weather modification in the Bighorns. April 11 "Monday Snow Report for the 2015-2016 snow season": [image: Inline image 1] The same report almost a month ago: [image: Inline image 2] Source Feature photo h/t Kathy Clay via Buckrail #dally #news