Sheridan County Fulmer Library receives $75,000 from Friends

*Feature photo: Far right, Library Director Cameron Duff and the Friends of the Library tonight. / Pitchengine Communities * (Sheridan, Wyo.) — Tonight, the Friends of the Library donated $75,000—the most ever—to the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library. "The library is a cornerstone of the community. It is something that provides free services to everyone of all age groups, and it is really a highlight in any community," Aimee Bolton, outgoing president of the Friends of the Library, said. "It needs to be supported, and with the budget cuts we have been facing—we are not able to offset that value, but it helps." The funding will be used for programming, materials, equipment—whatever the library needs, she added. The donation also happily coincides with National Libraries Week . This year was the first that the Friends did supplemental fundraising. Every year, the annual Friends of the Library Auction is held the second Saturday of November, but they saw the opportunity to do even more. "We wanted to try to increase our donation value, so we started with a raffle that we did during Third Thursdays downtown in the summer. We sold tickets for that and gave some cash prizes, and kept part of it," Bolton explained. The raffle raised $6,000—$4,000 that the Friends kept, and gave $2,000 away. The Friends will continue the raffle fundraiser this summer, with a booth at Third Thursday and ticket sales in the library. And on March 14, the Friends partnered with Frackleton's Dining for a Cause to raise just under $12,000. "With all of those events together ... what we could give was the $75,000, and that is the most ever," Bolton said. #dally #news