Big Horn Equestrian Center undergoes makeover before summer

(Big Horn, Wyo.) — Built over 30 years ago, the Big Horn Equestrian Center is a community events center that is operated by a board of directors. The board recently approved major road renovations, because after 30+ years of heavy use and poor drainage, the road along the south and east sides of the facility has eroded to below the level of the fields. Improvements are needed to accommodate traffic during soccer tournaments, the Fourth of July fireworks and other community events as well as to improve trailer parking during polo games and practices. The BHEC board has been planning the work to raise the road and improve drainage for several years. The upgrade to the road is necessary to avoid complete road reconstruction later on and to avoid erosion damage to the Equestrian Center and surrounding area in the future. According to Doly Fritz, BHEC Board President, “The road renovation involves hauling in about 3,300 cubic yards of material, blading, compacting, covering with granular wearing surface and application of a sealant for dust control. The total estimated cost of the project is $47,580. A generous donation of the fill material by a local homeowner has reduced this cost by $12,000, leaving $32,580 to be raised in order to restore the endowment capital expended. With the donation of this road fill, the board felt it was the appropriate time to begin work.” Garber Agri Business has been taking advantage of the good weather and hauling in the fill material which is located near the Equestrian Center. If the weather holds and the organic dust control solution is available, the project will be completed before the summer season begins. Fritz added that fundraising efforts for the work began several years ago, but other improvements including a new clubhouse roof, sprinkler and mowers were needed before the road work. The Center is now actively raising revenue for this project. The Big Horn Equestrian Center is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization that operates through user fees, annual use memberships, tax-deductible donations, and our endowment. The Equestrian Center needs continued financial support and involvement for successful growth. Visit the BHEC to learn more about the community activities supported by the BHEC. *Feature photo: Don King Days 2015 / Pitchengine Communities*