Conspiracy, intrigue and drama in "Yankee Tavern" at the Carriage House

*Feature photo: Sheridan actors Jennifer Reed and Josh Hanson in a recent rehearsal of "Yankee Tavern." / Pitchengine Communities photo* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — Conspiracy theories—everyone has one. Some are silly, some are crazy ... and some, well, could they be true? It is no surprise that in 2005, in post-9/11 New York City, conspiracy theories ran rampant. A talented group of Sheridan actors are addressing those theories and more in the final show in the 2015-16 season at the Sheridan Civic Theater Guild's Carriage House Theater, "Yankee Tavern ." The play was written by Steven Dietz and is being directed locally by Aaron Odom. Here, watch Ray, played by John Goodell, share his silly theory on the Kleenex conspiracy. The action heats up between Janet, played by Jennifer Reed, and Palmer, played by Josh Hanson ... And finally, the two come head to head: Without giving away too much, it is safe to say "Yankee Tavern" is a performance that asks tough questions, Odom says. He saw it for the first time when, after working in the Portland theater scene himself, he took in a performance directed by the playwright himself. "This is a show you can really sink your teeth into," Odom said. "Hopefully it will make you think." And to promote public discussion, Odom has created a hashtag, #yankeetavernctg for theater-goers to use before, during and after the show. Just turn down your screen and hashtag away—we will start at Dally by tagging this post #yakeetavernctg. (Unpictured is Spencer Walters, who plays Adam in the show.) #dally #news #whatshappening