New park in town! Poplar Grove Park community build a success

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Thanks to a joint effort by the City of Sheridan, Habitat for Humanity, volunteers and a local developer, the city has a new park in the Poplar Grove subdivision. "What is neat about this — it is rare that a developer comes in and spend their own time and money to create a park," City of Sheridan Operations Superintendent Mathers Heuck said to the City Council on Monday. The Poplar Grove subdivision is on Skeels Street, and within it are several new homes, open plots and Habitat homes. Subdivision Developer John Muecke donated a piece of land as open space, Heuck said, and it grew into the community park. "It is not uncommon for the developer to donate the piece of land, but normally it just becomes a pocket park," Heuck said. But the weekend before last, the group started a community build. "We had a lot of people—we had about 30 people, and even some (city) councilors show up," Heuck said. "Habitat was there, and they set up a tent. The really great thing about a community build is that we save a lot of money by having volunteers do the work." The park features a train and two cars children can play on and a couple of spinners. The city plans to plant 18 trees with a grant from the Forestry Department as soon as it warms up and the trees arrive. "It was just extraordinary the way that people came together—the city partnered, the developer was there. And it left a space that the entire city can enjoy," Heuck said. #dally #news