'We are fortunate to live in a community with many, many resources for people'

Residents of northern Wyoming don’t know what to expect in the next headline—it seems news regarding the economic downturn is everywhere, but a group of Sheridan-area citizens are not waiting around to find out. “We are fortunate to live in a community with many, many resources for people,” said BRE Co-chair, Ken Thorpe. “However, if individuals don’t know about the resource, then it really can’t possibly make a difference.” The goal is positive news, and this group is taking proactive steps to connect community members with job opportunities and possibilities for upgrading skills or learning new skills. The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) Business Retention and Expansion committee (BRE) met recently with elected officials, business owners, Sheridan College officials, Department of Workforce Services personnel, and others to discuss actions that might help keep people in Sheridan County, and to let everyone know that resources are available. The committee decided that step one is to connect those in need with work-related resources. To do this, the committee has worked with the Chamber to create a ‘Worker Resource’ portal on the Chamber’s website. On visitors will see the portal prominently displayed on the home page which will lead users to a helpful site listing a number of partners that provide everything from entrepreneurial training, to job listings and even resume assistance. “Our vision is to be the number one resource for business,” said Dixie Johnson, “and, as the largest voice of business in Sheridan County, the Chamber is uniquely positioned to help provide a bridge to and from our business community and a high quality, available workforce.” Members of the BRE committee recognize that this is a small first step, but knows the conversation will continue. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation. The group will next meet for its monthly committee meeting on Thursday, April 28 at 8 a.m. at the Chamber office, located at 171 North Main Street. For more information, please contact Dixie Johnson, CEO, Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, at 672-2485. #dally #news