Get up and dance, Sheridan! Students plan community-wide Celebration of LIFE party

*Feature photo: From left, Dalton Goodyear, Parth Patel and Alec Adell outside Sheridan High School today. / Pitchengine Communities* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — It is easy to feel powerless when battling loss—job loss, loss of a loved one, suicides. But instead of feeling powerless, a group of remarkable Sheridan young men have decided to do something. They are going to have a party. It seems simple enough, but it is this idea, a gathering of people to just celebrate* life*, that has the power to inject much-needed positivity into the community. Parth Patel, Dalton Goodyear and Alec Adell, all three Sheridan High School seniors, are planning the "Celebrations of LIFE Dance!" will be from 6-11 p.m. Friday at the Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall. The FREE event will feature food from local donors, three surprise DJ's, dancing, a raffle and perhaps even a luminaire ceremony. "The main idea is to gather the community together for teen suicide prevention," Alec told Dally today. "We have had too many suicides here in the Sheridan area ..." "And right now, in Gillette and Sheridan, people don't have places to stay because they are losing jobs ... " Patel said. People are worried about a lot of things, he continued. But in an attempt to say, *Hey! We see you. We are here for you, if you are struggling. You are not alone! *the three young men will host the party. The have gathered food and volunteer donations from around the community, and will have adults present at the event to help supervise. All three students say they have been affected by suicide, and have seen—and stood up against—bullying. And it can be hard to be 16-18 in particular, Parth said. "I have been bullied before, a lot, in junior high," Alec said. "I see it on a daily basis, and what I try to do is stick up for people and prevent that from happening. ... I just say, 'That was not cool, you should not treat people like that.'" "People might look down on what I choose to do at first (standing up for others), because I am doing what not everyone else is doing, and talking to the people that not everyone else is talking to," Dalton said. "But in the end, it is the right thing to do, and you will have their respect for it." Donations taken at the free event and proceeds from a raffle basket donated by Joey's FlyFishing Foundation will go to the SHS Sources of Strength program. The students are looking for a large cooler or trough to house drinks for the party, lights for the event and volunteers to help serve food. Sponsors include Oles Pizza, Dominos, Pepsi, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Star Video Audio, Days Inn Motel, Annie Greenthumb, Rendezvous Marketing. To reach the organizers, email or call them as follows: Alec: 307-620-9421,; Parth: 307-683-6509,, Dalton: [image: Inline image 1] #dally #news