Volunteer Grandmas: 'Because of these volunteers, one more child will learn to read'

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — We recently told you that April is a month dedicated to honoring volunteers—in fact, Monday was officially Volunteer Appreciation Day. And on a recent Saturday at the Sheridan Senior Center, more than 50 people showed up to honor Sheridan's Volunteer Grandmas. They were each presented with certificates and pins denoting their years of service. Ruth Foster and Helen Gold - 14 years; Susan Burns and Linda Tarver - 10 years. Billie Handel, Paulette Holdaway and Marcia Leslie - 5 years and Carol Dau and Jean Smith - 2 years. "When you figure 20 hour of service every week during the school year, it amounts to a lot of hours that these ladies volunteer. Because of these volunteers, one more child will learn to read, one more child will succeed and go on to do something great with their life," Bonnie Yalowizer told Dally in an email. Local businesses donated more than $1,300 in gift certificates and merchandise to the grandmas. "The grandmas were so appreciative of the community giving back to them, and when the community gives back, it reinforces the desire to serve," Yalowizer said. Here are some great photos of Sheridan's treasured community members! [image: Inline image 7][image: Inline image 6][image: Inline image 8][image: Inline image 2][image: Inline image 3][image: Inline image 4][image: Inline image 1] [image: Inline image 10][image: Inline image 11][image: Inline image 9] *All photos submitted to Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news