Lisa Barber remembers Prince's 1986 visit to Sheridan

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — In a tale that starts like any classic 1980s story, Lisa Barber sat by her phone, dialing one number over and over. She got a busy signal and hit redial. She got a busy signal again, and hit redial again. But finally, someone answered, and to her disbelief, the voice on the other end of the line said that 20-year-old Lisa Barber, from little old Sheridan, Wyoming, had won a visit from Prince himself. "They said, 'Congratulations, you are the 10,000 caller!' and I was shocked. Just shocked," Barber told Dally today. And so, on July 1, 1986, Prince himself visited Sheridan, where he premiered his film "Under the Cherry Moon." He also famously gave a concert for Barber, and hundreds of other starstruck Sheridan fans. "This is the biggest thing that's ever happened here," Barber was quoted at the time in the LA Times . "I love Prince. I saw 'Purple Rain' 13 times." Barber was as shocked today when she heard the news that Prince had passed away at age 57. "He was very nice, very down to earth," Barber said. He even seemed like a regular person. Prince's publicist showed up before the star himself that July day, but Prince did arrive on Lisa's mother's doorstep in a limo with his friend Jerome Benton. Prince, Benton—a performer himself—and Lisa all joked in the limo on the way to the Centennial Theater for the movie premiere, but Prince was shy and seemed kind. "He was just very talented," she said. "He had one of the most awesome voices I have ever heard." On Setlist.FM , you can relive the show — and even check a box saying, "I was there." That day in July, 1986, Prince played Raspberry Beret; Delirious; Controversy; Mutiny; Do Me, Baby; and, of course, Purple Rain. #dally #news