Holy Name Catholic School announces Third Quarter Honor Roll

Holy Name Catholic School has announced its third quarter honor roll, for which it uses an accelerated grade scale. Sixty-seven of Holy Name's students are on the third quarter honor roll. *B honor roll * 5th Grade: Zachary Luedtke, Henri Schaefer, Rater Tomlinson 6th Grade: Silvia Garza, Nathan Ulery 7th Grade: Nicholas Aasby, Samantha Dillon 8th Grade: Seth Deutscher, Kathleen Magera *A honor roll* 5th Grade: Patrick Aasby, Danie, Magera, Aiden Roth, Jake Woodrow 6th Grade: Gennah Deutscher 7th Grade: Francisco Gallegos, Shannon Holzerland,Kevin Woodrow 8th Grade: Alex Garber, Katelin, Rogaczewski, Samantha Rogaczewski *Feature photo: Holy Name students at a recent assembly. / Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news