It's about to get busy around here! Need to know 2016 Election dates on Dally

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — The Sheridan County Elections Office is gearing up for a busy year. The office will hire two temporary employees soon, and will bring on around 150 election judges for the primary and general election, with a week of training with each group of judges before the elections, Brenda Kekich, Sheridan County Election Supervisor told Dally today. The candidate filing period opens May 12 and will run through May 27. State candidates will file with the state elections office, county candidates with the county, city candidates with the city clerk and town candidates with their respective towns. School board candidates will file with the county in August. This year, Wyoming voters will be eligible to vote under one of four party affiliations during the primary election Aug. 16, but voter registration closes Aug. 1. In 2014, former Secretary of State Max Maxfield announced that Wyoming would add two major parties to its 2016 primary and general election ballots: the Libertarian and Constitution Parties. In previous years, Wyoming residents were only able to vote as registered Republicans or Democrats on the closed primary ballot. The ballot during the Nov. 8 general election will be an open one, Kekick explained. Voter registration for the general election will close Oct. 24, though absentee voters have a different deadline. For updates throughout the election season, follow the Sheridan County Elections office website . *Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news