Sheridan passengers deserve safety, airport manager says

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Passengers boarding aircraft at a small airports deserve the same safety and security measures as any passenger in any United States airport, Sheridan County Airport Manager John Stopka said. And so the Sheridan County Airport will welcome the return of TSA security to its facility. "We need the security here," Stopka said. "The people who are flying out of these small airports are no different than anyone else, and they deserve the safety and the security that TSA is supposed to be providing." TSA security screenings will operate just as they did in the past, before TSA left the airport in July of 2015, Stopka said. "They will come in and you will have TSA screeners, TSA employees, doing the screenings just like they have in the past. There should be no difference," Stopka said. "They will bring in the equipment, they will bring in the employees, they will do everything just like they were before." Denver Air Connection began service at the Sheridan Airport last fall, and the airport planned a bus service at DIA that has picked up passengers landing at the "A" Concourse, taking them to DIA security for connecting flights. The bus service will continue until TSA security is reinstated at the airport, at which point, travelers from Sheridan will not have to re-enter security at DIA. General Services Administration, an organization that support the basic functioning of federal agencies, will actually lease the TSA space in Sheridan. It is possible that GSA/TSA will return to Sheridan by the summer, but Stopka said it may be longer as well. *Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news