Wyoming heads to the Olympics of Beer

(Wyoming) The World Beer Cup was started in 1996 to showcase how diverse brewing styles can be across every country. The awards happen every two years, with 5000 different beers from 22 countries and over 1400 breweries competing for a gold, bronze, or silver medal. This year, Wyoming sends ten breweries to represent the kind of craftsmanship that can be found around the state. Black Tooth Brewing Company out of Sheridan posted today that they're on their way to the big event: Sheridan's Luminous Brewhouse is also competing, as well as Laramie's Altitude Chophouse and Brewery and Coal Creek Tap; Jackson's Melvin Brewing, Roadhouse Brewing Co, and Snake River Brewing; the Lander Brewing Co., SweetWater Brewing Co., and Wind River Brewing. This year's ceremony is in Philadelphia. Over 200 judges in 90 categories will score taste, aroma and appearance to find the world's finest brews. At the end, they total up how many points each company received based on their total number of entries and medals in those categories in order to determine the World Champion Brewery. "Evaluating beer happens on many levels," said competition manager Chris Swersey. On a professional level, beer evaluation is a form of peer review. When industry professionals acknowledge the excellence in products from around the market, the consumer can be sure that those products are the finest available. You can livestream Friday's awards ceremony starting at 5:45 p.m. MST. You can also follow #WorldBeerCup for all the latest news on social media. *Photo h/t Brewers Association // Pitchengine Communities* #dally #buckrail #county10 #oilcity #shortgo #county17 #springcity #news