Did you know? There are 420 trees on the Sheridan College campus, and more going in!

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — There are about 420 trees on the Sheridan College Campus—but that number is going up, and in Wyoming, where growing trees can be a difficult process, that is an accomplishment. "When you look around the community, almost all of our trees are here because someone planted them," Zack Houck, Sheridan College Grounds Supervisor and City of Sheridan Tree Board member said today. Around here, he continued, trees have to be hardy. During one recent 24-hour period of seasonal transition, the temperature swung about 86 degrees in a day, Houck said. So today, in celebration of the college's Tree Campus USA designation and Arbor Day, students and college crews planted eight trees on Whitney Mall. "This is in acknowledgement and celebration of Arbor Day, and that we are a Tree Campus USA," Houck said. To meet the qualifications to be a Tree Campus USA, an institution has to meet five criteria: It must have a committee, an annual budget, an Arbor Day event, a student learning service project, and a management plan. Sheridan College completed its tree management plan three years ago, in conjunction with Wyoming State Forestry. "We basically went around the whole campus and GPS marked every tree, identified species and looked at percentages and ratios of variety of species on campus. ... We have every tree identified, have maps and software through GIS ... It is a pretty cool process. And we keep it up to date. We will go add the trees that we plant today—we will update the whole catalog," Houck explained. And his advice for getting trees to survive in Wyoming? "Going to a nursery that has good plant material is huge," Houck said. "There are a lot of big box stores that sell stuff that aren't even for our climate, our planting zone. Education is a big part of planting, selecting species for the location." [image: Inline image 1] *From left, Kent Anderson, John Woller, Zack Houck, Kelly Norris and Josh Stadler with the Tree Campus USA plaque for Sheridan College. / Pitchengine Communities* *[image: Inline image 2]* *Feature photo and above, Sheridan College crews plant trees on campus today. / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news