Rep. Rosie Berger announces re-election campaign for Wyoming House; calls for conservative budget

(Big Horn, Wyo.) — In response to strong encouragement from people throughout Sheridan County, Majority Floor Leader Rosie Berger (R-Big Horn) has announced that she will seek re-election to represent House District 51 in the Wyoming House of Representatives. Berger said her agenda centers around a conservative, low tax budget that prioritizes Wyoming people and communities. In her announcement, Berger cited the need for strong, experienced, conservative leadership in the Wyoming State Legislature. Berger currently serves as Majority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives. As a member of the Legislature’s senior leadership team, Berger has helped rein in government spending, improve the state’s education system, promote Wyoming’s energy sector, protect personal liberties, create jobs and plan for the future with smart savings. She has also leveraged her leadership position to help move forward key priorities for Sheridan County, including advocating for Sheridan Community College and expanding multiple business and job growth opportunities. “We need to make sure our community is the yardstick for good decisions. For instance, our community wants fiscal responsibility through tight budgets – and I’ve worked vigilantly to deliver that,” said Berger. “And people want to keep taxes low – and I’m proud to say Wyoming people have low taxes that will stay that way under my watch.” Rosie’s current legislative focus is to add practical, common sense values in an era of economic and political complexity, she says. In this time of serious economic challenges, with major unfunded federal mandates for health care and education programs, Berger plans to use her experience to maintain fiscal restraint and a balanced state budget without raising taxes. At the same time, essential state services have been maintained, and further economic development and jobs programs have been enhanced. For 14 years, Berger has led her fellow legislators to focus on initiatives that bolster the economy, improve Wyoming’s infrastructure, carefully develop natural resources, maintain state sovereignty, safeguard personal liberties and achieve a controlled budget while investing wisely and judiciously in the state’s business and education sectors. Berger has championed smart, conservative budget policies that hope for the best but plan for the worst. As a result of her efforts within the House, Wyoming currently holds $1.8 billion in the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account, giving the state access to immediate capital to continue providing for Wyoming citizens, in addition to $7 billion in the Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund to provide long-term income. As a member of the Select Committee on Education Finance Recalibration, she has delivered consistent results, leading the legislature to invest in the education system at all levels. Berger has worked to ensure Wyoming’s students and citizens can access world-class institutions that train them for jobs available right now. In Sheridan County, these efforts have met success: businesses with global clout have relocated to the region, incentivized by a reliable and well-trained work force. By focusing on practical steps to provide educational and career opportunities at home, Berger’s policies cultivate Wyoming’s best and brightest young people. Under Berger’s budget watch, Wyoming made nearly one billion dollars in spending cuts. In recent years, she worked to decrease the budget because of declining natural resources revenue. However, the state has still been able to meet its funding priorities in terms of education, healthcare, local government, transportation, infrastructure and savings. “Fiscal restraint is equally important in the flush times as it is in the lean times, as we are seeing now here in Wyoming,” said Berger. “The leadership team I have been proud to be a part of has demonstrated tremendous foresight over the last decade, planning for inevitable downturns in the economy. As a result, we are able to keep a balanced budget even in difficult times.” A lifelong conservative, Berger has championed policies to ensure individual freedoms through minimum government, free markets and the protection of free speech and personal property rights. Berger also takes an active role in key issues allowing for responsible resource development, enhancing drivers’ education and licensing, promoting economic development, improving education programs, and maintaining Second Amendment rights. *Feature photo: Sheridan County Rep. Rosie Berger and Rep. Mark Kinner address new citizens naturalized in the Sheridan County Courthouse in April. / Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news