Iron Brotherhood MC: Charity, solidarity and (loud) fun times

*Feature photo: Members of the Sheridan Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club at the Fairgrounds today, while setting up for the Second Annual Biker Bash tomorrow. / Pitchengine Communities* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — You don't get to choose your family. But if you are lucky, you might find a group of like-minded people who will have your back—people who will be with you through thick and thin. People who will become your family. "We are a brotherhood," Jerry "Hobbit" Foster, the Vice President of the local Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club told Dally today. "It is a family, and this is our lifestyle." Motorcycles are their commonality, but it is the realness, the bond of solidarity, that bind these guys together, Jerry says. Throughout the year, the members of The Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club in Sheridan host charitable fundraising events; the big ones being a Poker Run in June with proceeds donated to the Sheridan Senior Center, and a Poker Run in September to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This weekend, the MC will host its Second Annual Biker Bash at the Fairgrounds. The event has parts designed to be family friendly: a Biker Rodeo planned for 1 p.m.; and parts that will be 21 and up: A Leather and Lace Contest, beer pong, bands and tattoos in the Exhibit Hall starting at 6 p.m. The event will serve as the group's main fundraiser for all its annual activities. The guys do things for the community, for each other, throughout the year—small things without publicity that could otherwise go unnoticed. They will stop on the side of the road to help people with a flat tire. When one member had to miss his daughter's prom, the guys from the MC rode to her house to take photos with the couple and escort them to the dance. They have each other's backs, and in a way that reflects the way they view the club: as a family. "We are closer than that. I am the youngest of 12 kids," John "Bear" Stainbrook said. "These guys are closer to me than I am to any of my family." To join, a prospect will spend time showing that he is dedicated, reliable and fits in with the group. The members then vote, and it has to be unanimous, to accept a new member. "It is a great equalizer," President Tyler "T-Bag" Bennett says. "It doesn't matter what your job is, who you are—what matters is how much dedication and heart you have, and what you are going to bring to the table." "We put in countless hours for the community," Jerry added, saying that he puts on a suit every day to and goes to work in his "other" life. Most of the guys do—they all have jobs and demands, families, kids and live a regular life. "We are a charitable organization, at the end of the day. We do that because we want to. We want to give back," Jerry says. But these guys know how to have fun, too. "We may be a bit loud, a bit rowdier than some others," Tyler says with a laugh. And so at 1 p.m. tomorrow, Sheridan will see its first-ever Biker Rodeo. It is just what it sounds like: Riders compete in rodeo events like barrel racing and an obstacle course, but with motorcycles instead of horses. There are cash payouts for the winners, and adult tickets are $10. For $15, people 21 and up can get a wristband to the evening events as well. Luminous Brewhouse will be on site serving beer, and other local food vendors will be present throughout the day. For more information, see The Iron Brotherhood MC Second Annual Biker Bash Facebook event page . For more information on the MC, visit their group page on Facebook . #dally #news