Salvation Army Celebrates 100 years; 'It feels good to be doing something good,' volunteer says

*Feature photo: Salvation Army Captain Donald Warriner, left, and Salvation Army volunteer Wade Koepp, who is among the "Good Samaritans" to be honored tonight, hold proclamations from the City of Sheridan and Governor Matt Mead at the Sheridan food pantry. / Pitchengine Communities * (Sheridan, Wyo.) — They are on the front lines of need in Sheridan County. They see people who are hurting, people who are hungry, veterans in need of mental health care and countless others, each with a story to tell. And when the food pantry doors open each morning, you will often see Salvation Army Captain Donald Warriner out on the sidewalk, listening to each story. "In just the last week, we served 744 individuals," Warriner said. "That average is about 100 a day. ... Food. Food is our biggest need." Sheridan is a great place, but we need to feed our own, he says. The Salvation Army, which will celebrate its Good Samaritan Awards and 100th Anniversary Year Celebration Banquet tonight. In addition to food, the Salvation Army also provides rental and utility assistance, gas vouchers and, when possible, prescription help for veterans. It also tries to work as a connector, helping people find assistance with other service organizations in the community. "But I have to say no way too often," Warriner said, adding that volunteers, donations and monetary help are always welcome. "We want to look at the whole person, help meet all their needs," he said. That was Wade Koepp's story when he walked into the Salvation Army several years ago himself. He was retired on disability. He needed something to occupy his time, and he found his niche. Today, he works the front counter every day, welcoming others in need. He will be honored as one of the Good Samaritans tonight. "I was in shock—I am still in shock," Koepp said. "It feels good to be doing something good." For more information about the Sheridan Salvation Army, visit here . [image: Inline image 1] *Pitchengine Communities photo* [image: Inline image 2] *Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news