Multiple drug arrests made in Sheridan May 5

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — On May 5, Sheridan Police Department officers developed information regarding the sale and distribution of controlled substances in Sheridan. The following Sheridan residents were arrested: Turner John Taylor, 19, Possession w/ Intent (LSD) and Conspiracy to Deliver Kholin Brantz Harom, 20, for Possession with Intent (LSD) and Conspiracy to Deliver Daniel Isaac Duff, 18, for Delivery of a Controlled Substance (LSD) Brenden Kyle Nelson, 18, for Possession with Intent (Marijuana), Possession with Intent (Cocaine), Conspiracy to Deliver Kenneth Ray-Shaw Hulford, 19, Possession with Intent (Marijuana) and Conspiracy to Deliver Leo Curtis Van Buskirk, 18, Possession with Intent (Marijuana) b. Conspiracy to Deliver Darran Lee Gilmore, 20, of Sheridan was arrested in Springfield, MO for an outstanding Sheridan County felony arrest warrant stemming from an incident of alleged aggravated assault that occurred on December 15, 2016 in Sheridan. #dally #news