Nibbana: Everyone deserves a life without pain

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Everyone deserves to live a pain-free life. So when a torn ACL and three knee surgeries from a basketball injury sidelined Megan Brocklehurst, she decided to begin learning about the body. She got a bachelors degree in kinesiology from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, and began to travel the world with the Work Away program, where she visited 14 countries to learn about medicine. And in the process, she learned about Arpwave muscle stimulation, and decided to bring it to Sheridan. In fact, she is the first to practice in Wyoming. In January, Brocklehurst opened Nibbana , LLC, and has been helping Sheridan residents deal with chronic pain ever since. Arpwave is considered an alternative therapy, she said. There is a time and place for Western medicine, and a time and place for alternative therapies, and a symbiotic relationship between the two is possible. "Everyone knows someone who is in pain, and I just think there is a need for something that can be an alternative solution to pain that doesn't get people stuck on pain pills or cause them to have an unnecessary surgery," Brocklehurst explained. Nibbana—the word means freedom from suffering in the old Pali language of Nepal—is a business created to help people get out of chronic pain and recover faster from injuries using natural medicine. Arpwave can help with any kind of joint pain, including from arthritis, carpel tunnel, rotator cuff damage, hip/knee pain, sprained ankle, broken bones, torn ligaments, torn muscles, strained tendons, headaches and more. "Everyone deserves relief from pain," she said, adding that Sheridan is a great place to call home. "Some of the people I have worked with have been old-time ranchers, and they love it." Arpwave works by changing muscle memory and targeting hot spots within an injured area of the body, she said. At a patient's first treatment, Brocklehurst will conduct an inpatient interview, determining which body parts to target. Pain often stems from injury and inability of a muscle to absorb force, she explained, so by targeting hot spots within a muscle and changing muscle memory, over time, a patient should see marked improvement. For more information, visit Nibbana on Facebook here . *Feature photo: Megan Brocklehurst at her Sheridan location at 45 E. Loucks Street, Suite #210. Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news