Air ambulance service has transported 112 patients from the region area since April

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Since arriving in Sheridan in April 2015, Wyoming Life Flight has transported 112 people around the northeastern corner of Wyoming, getting them to the care they need. And having the helicopter in Sheridan means a quicker transport for critical patients. "There was a lot longer wait time before we were here," Pilot Jeff Pudil says, adding that before, patients had to wait for a life flight out of Casper or Billings. The Sheridan-based flight will pick up patients near Gillette, Buffalo and the entire corner of the state. [image: unnamed-2.jpg] Once loaded into the helicopter, quarters are tight, so most of the stabilization care is done on the ground. On each flight are a medic and nurse, in addition to the patient. The patient's feet point directly at the front windshield of the aircraft, next to the pilot. Next to a patient's torso and head sit the medic and nurse for the duration of the flight. It takes about 45-50 minutes to transport a patient from the Sheridan area to either Casper or Billings, which is where most patients are taken, Pudil says. There are three pilots on staff for the Sheridan area, and they work in rotating 12-hour shifts, 24 hours a day. [image: unnamed-1.jpg] They sleep and work in quarters just blocks from Sheridan Memorial Hospital, so they can get to the helicopter within seconds in an emergency. The helicopter is housed at Sheridan Memorial Hospital but owned and operated by Wyoming Life Flight/Air Methods. #dally #county17 #news