Society of American Travel Writers and Rolls Royce will descend on Sheridan next week

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — We already know what Sheridan has to offer: True Western grit, and a cowboy spirit unique to this part of the state. It is Forrest Mars in blue jeans and a cowboy hat. It is the King family, selling saddlery for generations. It is Eaton's, the first dude ranch in the country, still driving its herd down Fifth Street each summer. Sheridan is a lifestyle. And Shawn Parker, Executive Director of Sheridan Travel and Tourism, has invited some of the world's best travel writers to Sheridan, along with the makers of Rolls Royce, to see that lifestyle firsthand. The Society of American Travel Writers Canadian Chapter will host its summer meeting in Sheridan this week, in conjunction with the Mountain West debut of Rolls Royce Motor Cars’ new Dawn supercar – a twin-turbo, 6.6-liter, V12 juggernaut, and eight other vehicles from the luxury automaker. "Rolls Royce has a promotional fleet of anywhere from five to ten cars, doing promotional side of things. But this journalism thing is new. We started this—Rolls and us," Parker says. So why pair the two events? It stems from Parker's own personal connections , and, as a travel writer himself, he knows the event will make Sheridan stand out for these writers, who will "sell" Sheridan as a destination to glossy magazines across the globe. "It is all about historical legacy combined with the Western culture in Sheridan, our allure," Parker explains. "That is what people go crazy for." The first event of the weekend is the Debut of Rolls Royce Dawn, by reservation only, on June 2 from 6-8 p.m. at the Brinton Museum. *The Brinton, where the Rolls Royce event will be, h/t Janae Neeson * [image: unnamed.png][image: unnamed-1.png] See more about the weekend of events here . *featured image h/t YouTube* #dally #news