Veterans burn names of the deceased at Sheridan Municipal Cemetery

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — In a solemn ceremony just before the rain began to fall, three members of Sheridan's American Legion dropped slips of paper bearing the names of Sheridan County veterans who have died during the past year into an upturned military helmet. The names burned in a small fire in the helmet—names of people who were friends, family and good people, the chaplain said. Each year, this is how the Sheridan community remembers its veterans: with a parade , with the solemn cemetery ceremonies and with celebrations at the VFW. The stack of rifles signify a day of finished work and a soldier's moment of rest, and the fire has no religious significance, but instead signifies the simplest, most respectful way of disposing of last years' records. The Civil Air Patrol raised the flag and lowered it to half-staff, and Wyoming National Guard Chaplain Sawyer gave an invocation. The Sheridan VFW Post 1560 will host afternoon ceremonies in recognition of all veterans of foreign wars, especially local VFW members who have died in the year, with a memorial service at 2 p.m., and live music on the patio at 3 p.m. [image: unnamed.jpg][image: unnamed-2.jpg] #dally #news