Small black bear makes appearance in town Tuesday

*featured photo: file image of black bear at a campsite h/t Grand Teton National Park* (Sheridan, Wyo.) — A small black bear was first spotted around Sheridan over the weekend, but has likely left town, according to Bud Stewart with the Wyoming Game and Fish. "Over the weekend, maybe Monday, it was first spotted up Big Goose, and then yesterday, it was seen in South Park near Coffeen," Stewart said. According to posts on the Facebook group Memories of Sheridan, WY, Our "Hometown" , the bear was also spotted in Colony South. Game and Fish personnel spotted the bear heading south out of town last night, Stewart said, and while a report was made of a possible sighting in the Knode Subdivision this morning, there is no way to know if that was the same bear. The Game and Fish always hopes bears that wander into town, sometimes following Goose Creek down from the Bighorns, also wander back out of town without incident, as appears to be the case with this animal, Stewart said. *Screenshot h/t Memories of Sheridan, WY, Our "Hometown" Facebook group[image: unnamed.png]* #dally #news