$16 million Aquatic Center only a few years away

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — A lazy river, a walk-up "beach front" pool, slides, space for swimming lessons—in just a few years, Sheridan will be home to a new aquatic center at the Sheridan County YMCA. The Y has raised $15 million of the necessary $16 million for construction. There are three parts to the local YMCA's mission, Executive Director Jay McGinnis says, which is "Living our Cause, Growing our Cause." The Y was chartered in 1959 and the original building was built in 1964. "About three years ago, conversations started in Sheridan about the need around the aquatic space," McGinnis explained. The new aquatic center will be built next to the current pool on what is today a soccer field. It will feature a leisure and family swimming pool, and all the wet spaces that go with it, including locker rooms. "That is priority one," McGinnis says. "Priority two is to repurpose the existing swimming pools and the locker rooms. We will convert that space for programs that we have waiting lists for, and that includes things like our preschool, after school programs and some of our traditional health and wellness programs." On June 9, the YMCA will host a community dinner to announce major gifts signifying that fundraising teams have met 93% of their goal. The next step in the process is to do design, with a hopeful groundbreaking of March 1, 2017. "The new facility will be connected, and it will all look like one building. There will be hallways and pathways from that building to the new building," McGinnis said. "We did that in part because we could have torn down the existing pools and built them there, but you would lose your whole swimming program for a year and a half." Though a huge portion of the funds have been raised, there is still a need for financial support, McGinnis said. During the Community Dinner, community members will be able to pledge as much or as little a donation as they want. Some lifeguards have donated $10, he said, and that is a valuable contribution and helps foster a feeling of shared ownership over the new facility—something that fits with the YMCA's mission as a whole. The Community Dinner will be from 6-8 p.m. at the M&M Center Ice Rink. The project team will share information about the Aquatic Center, and also ask for attendees’ financial support. There is no charge for the event, but advance reservations are required, and the event is for adults only. Call the YMCA at (307) 674-7488 to make a reservation. [image: 80b8c892-4b9b-4c8f-b7c6-7a26caf3c99c.jpg] *The current lap pool at the Y will be repurposed, along with the main pool used for fitness classes. / Pitchengine Communities* #dally #news