Summertime Golden trout spawning begins at the Story Fish Hatchery

(Story, Wyo.) — This month, the Story Fish Hatchery will collect around 300,000 eggs from the only genetically pure captive brood stock of golden trout in the country. The eggs will be fertilized with milt from the male trout, ranging in age from three to five years, and once the eggs are developmentally ready, they will be transferred to Washington, Colorado, California and Idaho. This morning, crews released eggs from about 150 females, Steve Diekema, Story Fish Hatchery Superintendent, said. "We are on week two of spawning, and will be out again for the next two Wednesdays," he said. The public is invited to observe between 9-11 a.m. June 15 and 22—and if you've never seen a trout spawning effort, it is something all Wyomingites should see at least once. Visitors just have to step into a soapy mixture to clean the bottoms of their shoes upon entry—golden trout are notoriously sensitive. The nuances of temperature and conditions are such that Story provides the perfect environment for the species. *Featured photo: Game and Fish employees hold up the anesthetized fish before spawning. Female trout are on the left; the bright males are on the right. / Pitchengine Communities photo* [image: DSC01862.jpg] *Golden trout at the Story Fish Hatchery. / Pitchengine Communities photo* [image: f0be307f-3668-4fbd-b895-1feab30777f9.jpg] *A male trout releases milt. / Pitchengine Communities photo*