The Food Group works to keep local children fed during summer break

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — This summer, The Food Group will serve almost 150 students with lunches for the weekend, in a similar style to the school year program. "During the summer, we partner with Bethesda Worship Center to provide food for about 80 children weekly," Missi Hubert, Executive Director of The Food Group told Sheridan Dally. Bethesda, which took over the Joy Junction that had met at the Sheridan YMCA, has a team that sorts, packs and delivers food to children who attend Sunday church services. In addition, The Food Group provides food during all of the summer school programs in Sheridan County School District #2, very similar to the way the non-profit operates during the school year. "So far, we are estimating that we will serve about 60 kids in the summer school programs. Local volunteers sort, pack, and deliver the food to the schools to go home on the weekends," Hubert explained. In an effort to help make summer programming possible, the Elks made a donation of $1,400 this week to The Food Group, which will cover the cost of meals for SCSD #2 summer school students. "We couldn't do any of what we do, either summer or during the school year, without local donations," Hubert says. "The members of our community who support The Food Group financially and with their time make it possible for us to provide weekend food for children in Sheridan County." [image: 1f8ce5e2-5598-4e72-baa5-65138232bdbb.jpg] *Pictured left to right: Arin Waddell, Board Chair of The Food Group, Jennifer Heermann, board member of The Food Group, Lesley Thompson, secretary of The Food Group, Everett McGlothlin, board member of The Food Group, Missi Hubert, executive director of The Food Group, Bill Dahlin, exalted ruler of the Elks, and Bruce Williams, secretary of the Elks. h/t The Food Group / Pitchengine Communities photo* #dally #news