The Sheridan Speedway is Back in Action this Weekend

(Sheridan, Wyo.) Shortly after Craig Draper announced he was suspending all races at Cloud Peak Raceway, the Sheridan Motorsports Association was formed. Former driver Ken Harmon and a group of other concerned race fans quickly raised $3000 in their first day. A meeting on June 12th brought in 70 people to discuss the future of the track, which stopped operating June 4th. Since then, volunteers have helped clean up the track, raise even more money for sanctioning fees, and got their IMCA status re-instated. "We started this group with nothing," Harmon told Pitchengine. "We started in the hole and had to pay back fees of almost $2000." They are paying the former track owners just $10 to lease it for the entire season. They will now work towards honoring previously established agreements with sponsors and drivers to keep cars racing. "Our community deserves to get what they paid for," Harmon added. "A lot of people paid out a lot of money to sponsor the races and it got pulled out from underneath all of us. To pay our community back, we have to do this." The IMCA Modified Tour Race scheduled for June 26th is back on. There are 9 dates on the calendar of the previous 14 that were planned, with two more tentatively scheduled. For more information, visit Sheridan Motorsports on Facebook . #dally #news