Wyoming Supreme Court suspends Sheridan attorney for DUI offenses

The Wyoming Supreme Court has issued an order suspending Sheridan attorney Clay B. Jenkins from the practice of law for a period of six months. The Court further ordered that the suspension be stayed so long as Jenkins complies with probationary terms intended to assure that Jenkins maintains his sobriety. The order of suspension stemmed from a 2015 DWUI arrest, Jenkins’ fourth such violation. Jenkins, who has a significant disciplinary history relating to substance abuse, agreed to the suspension and probationary terms which included compliance with a 5-year Monitoring Agreement with Wyoming Professional Assistance Program designed to monitor Jenkins’ sobriety and assure his adherence to a treatment recommendations related to his recovery. Jenkins was ordered to pay an administrative fee in the amount of $750.00 and costs of $50.00 to the Wyoming State Bar. *h/t Wyoming State Bar* #dally #news