Town of Ranchester celebrates the Fourth of July

(Ranchester, Wyo.) — Throughout the afternoon and evening yesterday, the Town of Ranchester was celebrating the Fourth of July Americana-style with barbecue, fire truck rides, a seed-spitting contest and fireworks. Each year, the Town hosts a casual celebration in Connor Battlefield State Park. Today, volunteers with the Tongue River Volunteer Fire Department are giving fire truck rides on one of the department's oldest 1940s-era rigs, and Town employees are supervising seed-spitting contests, a wife-carrying contest and more. Gary Small & the Coyote Brothers performed in the park. The fireworks began at 9 p.m., and last around a half hour. They were set by hand from the baseball field at the elementary school, and town employees say the frontage road along I-90 fills up an hour or so before the show. [image: f58015ed-b27a-4bd0-ac8f-12f315ad9d09.png] *Children ride on a 1940s-era Tongue River Volunteer Fire Department truck.* *[image: 2b4a6ddb-5cb2-4acb-a40c-97c985b1718e.png]* *Grillers make burgers.* *[image: 4e7e8ca1-2751-4253-b47a-317094993ce4.png]* *Another truck on display at the Connor Battlefield State Park in Ranchester.* *[image: b869b707-0f35-40c6-b5e0-9965fd4d0664.png]* *The park boasts a sunflower seed spitting contest, a wife-carrying contest, boat races for a $5 prize and more.* #haderlie #dally #news