Gallery: This morning's Sheridan WYO Rodeo Parade

Crowds lined the street for the annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo parade this morning! From the Sheridan High School championship Broncs football team to the Golden Rule Grocers dancing fruit float, which was your favorite? [image: 2Q==-1.jpg] [image: 2Q==-2.jpg][image: 2Q==-3.jpg][image: 2Q==-4.jpg][image: 2Q==-5.jpg][image: 2Q==-6.jpg][image: 2Q==.jpg][image: 9k=.jpg][image: 9k=-2.jpg][image: 9k=-1.jpg][image: Z-1.jpg][image: Z-2.jpg][image: Z.jpg] #haderlie #dally #news