Sheridan WYO Rodeo sees another year of attendance growth

The 86th annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo was a success in 2016, selling 26,508 tickets — up from 22,647 in 2015. The WYO has seen attendance grow consistently over the last seven years since it added a fourth performance to the week on Wednesday nights in 2010. Due to that popularity, the WYO board increased capacity by 640 seats this year, building a 500-seat north end section and increasing the Gold Buckle area by 140 seats. The 86th annual edition of the WYO brought the largest leap in attendance that the rodeo has seen in years. Year over year attendance: • 2010 – 18,150 • 2011 – 18,935 • 2012 – 18,587 • 2013 – 20,829 • 2014 – 21,778 • 2015 – 22,647 • 2016 – 26,508 “These numbers are a testament to the commitment of an all-volunteer board that works their tails off to make the Sheridan WYO Rodeo one of the best tour stops you can find anywhere in the sport,” said board president Nick Siddle. “We want to be a premier destination for rodeo, and I think we’ve accomplished that. By now people know what they’re getting in Sheridan — four great performances, plus a rodeo week that is our town’s most exciting community event of the year.” Athletes also benefit from increased attendance, as the board is able to add more money to purses each year. Total payout rose to $306,268 this year from $303,195 in 2015. This figure includes the $50,000 purse from the World Championship Indian Relay Races. #dally #county17 #news