Buy Cheap Quality Used Cars? Just go to

Buy Cheap Quality Used Cars? Just go to

seva mobil bekas from is a platform from Astra that provides car buying and selling features, as its main feature. Besides that, also provides property features and financial service features to help your planning and finance.

Its main feature is the automotive feature, focusing on the services of buying and selling cars, car trading, exchanges, and all information about the automotive world especially cars. So for those of you who want to find out information about cars, is able to serve all your desires.

Seva Automotive Features

The automotive feature is the main feature in the platform, because it was developed by Astra which is a large automotive company. In this feature, you can get information about new and used cars. Here we provide a more detailed review:

Seva New Car

When choosing a new car menu, you will find a wide selection of new cars that can be purchased. You can also adjust the price according to your budget, just write the price range according to the budget in the column provided, and a new car for you will immediately appear on the screen.

If you feel confused in choosing it, you can ask for recommendations to friends or ask the right recommendations from sales. So, the type and model of car can be adjusted to the budget you have., provides many choices of types of cars needed by customers.

Seva Used Cars

For those of you who prefer to buy used cars, seva mobil bekas from provides various types of quality used car seva. You can also choose the type, type and price of the car as desired. You do not need to worry about the quality of cheap used cars that are here, because everything has gone through a strict check so that quality can be guaranteed.

Speed ​​in responding to customers, becomes its own advantage of this site. Thus, making it able to process transactions quickly and safely. Most people, choose to buy a used car because of the limited budget they have.

Parts also provides auto parts like batteries, you can search for it by selecting the spare parts menu. There are various kinds of batteries with the best prices, not infrequently also gives discounts so prices are cheaper.

You can set the price and brand of batteries in the column provided, so that the desired batteries are found faster. In addition, there are various types of parts that can be selected according to the needs of your car. In addition, Astra brand oil is also available at an attractive price offer because many discounts are given for purchasing package oil.

Property Features

Not only provides features to search for new and used cars, also provides property features. You can find the ideal house or apartment provided by, for the time being, new properties are available in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Because only works with trusted projects, you don't need to worry anymore about the quality and service.

After successfully developing the automotive business, PT. Astra International is currently developing the property business. You can get information about quality apartments and houses here, the following reviews.

House cooperates with the Arumaya, Asya and Avania projects in marketing homes in the Jakarta area. You can get the best quality from the homes offered, because the quality of this project has been guaranteed.

The types of houses provided here are lake villas, garden villas, and corner houses. You can get a garden villa starting from 8 M, and lake villa starting from 11.5 M. The location is also strategic, because it is in the middle of the city center.


The choice of apartments in features is more than the number of houses, you can find the best apartments starting at 1 M. Various apartments with contemporary designs can be found here, the location provided is also very strategic, which is located in the middle of the capital.

If you prefer a minimalist apartment, provides studio type at a price of 1.5 billion only. As for apartments with a larger size, there is a 3BR Deluxe type with three rooms for 7.3 M