GBWhatsapp Apk Pro Download the Latest Version

Although many rumors say the danger of using GBWhatsapp, but in reality this application continues to be used by many parties. Besides being used by many teenagers, this application is also often used by someone who has a high business and work account.

Seeing the many interested ones, GB Whatsapp developed the application into several versions which made perfect the previous version. With the latest version of GB Whatsapp brings its own benefits for those who need it for business. Moreover, the security of the account is more awake, although there are still some shortcomings that must be anticipated.

Main Features of Download GBWhatsapp

GB Whatsapp Apk has very many features and is certainly very interesting to try. However, there are some key features possessed by this application and are a favorite of many people in using it, among them

User Activity Privacy

Sometimes when conditions are busy or you want to rest, your cellphone will continue to be bombarded with incoming messages from WhatsApp because the sender sees you are online. In addition, when you want to use an internet connection to work, whatsapp messages will automatically also enter.

By using GBWhatsapp, this condition will not occur because there are features that help you organize your activities to make them look always offline by other users. In addition, when using an internet connection, you can use the DND (Do Not Distrub) mode so that whatsapp conditions remain off as there is no connection.

Message Settings

The next feature that is very popular with many people is very complex message settings. Starting from the ability to read messages that have been deleted by the sender, so that it can eliminate your curiosity.

In addition there are also features to send messages automatically when doing certain activities or activities. And the last thing related to message settings is, there is a feature that allows you to send messages with a certain schedule, to avoid forgetting due to busyness.

Multiple Accounts

In some official applications that are on Google Play Store, there are those that provide special applications to be able to have more than one WhatsApp account on one Android. However, its performance still has many shortcomings and slows down the android system. Meanwhile, the GBWhatsapp application will provide multiple account capabilities that are lighter and more practical to use.

Sent File Settings

By using GB Whatsapp you can send any type of file that is on android. In addition, the size to be sent is no longer limited so you are free to send any file to others without having to meet and use other sending applications.


Advantages of Using GBWhatsapp

When viewed from the completeness of the features available in Whatsapp GB, there are many benefits to be gained while using this application compared to using whatsapp from Playstore. These advantages include

Maintain Privacy

One of the main features provided by GBWhatsapp is maintaining maximum privacy. You can keep your online activities underway on WhatsApp so that they are always offline by other users. In addition, certain statuses that you make, whether related to personal or business can be kept secret from people you do not want

Simplify Business Activities

The existence of features that can help someone to send messages automatically, or schedule them at certain times will greatly help someone who has a business account to carry out their activities. Starting from communicating with clients, to sending the start of meetings with fellow business partners.

Beautify Whatsapp Display

The many interesting themes provided by GBWhatsapp will allow you to change the theme as you wish with the options that you want. The appearance of the theme certainly has a very attractive design, so it doesn't look monotonous when used. In addition to themes, whatsapp fonts used can also be replaced with very easy personalization.

Sending All File Types

Unlike ordinary whatsapp, the GB Whatsapp application does not provide restrictions on the size and type of files for users to send to other whatsapp users. application.