How To Low Budget Marriage Invitations

If usually a wedding invitation consists of a paper containing to-the-point words and verses or poetry quotations, the more here it turns out the design and contents are increasingly creative. A tweet from a citizen later viral because it contains a unique invitation. The invitation contained a sheet that was like a page in a novel book. The contents are also the same, containing stories from beginning to end containing the schedule for them to get married at the same time to invite guests.

This ‘book’ invitation is somewhat unique and is still rarely implemented. For those of you who like books, there are actually a lot of inspiration from the invitation themes based on the concepts that come into contact with this book. Let's see what we are!

1. Besides making a one-page novel for your unique invitation, you can make two pages like this

2. Paper selection can also be one that influences the mood of your invitation. If you want to get an old impression, you can choose this paper

3. You can also make an invitation that seems to consist of several books like this. The key is to choose a different color to make it look alluring

4. Older fairy tales books can also be your inspiration for your wedding invitation theme. Make it from different colors to make it look like it consists of several series

5. If you want something more modern, you can also apply this dreamy tale book. Choose a bright color and a ribbon for decoration

6. For a minimalist design, you can apply this one design. No need a lot of decoration, you just choose a few different colors

7. White color is identical with elegant impression. The combination with red makes your invitation a sweet Disney book

8. Not only have to be in the form of a book, you can also use a loan-style card design that is usually posted behind the library book

9. You can also combine the two books and borrowing cards and put it in an envelope to invite your friends

10. For a more complete result, you can make your invitation into a book that consists of several pages with the exact format of the actual book

11. If you, your spouse, or a friend are someone who is good at design, you can use these talents to make this aesthetic invitation. Don't forget to pay properly!

12. Besides in the form of a novel book, you can also make your invitations in the form of comics so that you can explore for more fun and creative results.

Various forms and contents of the book even to the borrowing card that usually is on the back can look unique to be applied in the invitation. No need for pages, you can make one or two sheets anyway. Even if you want to be made in digital form, it is fine. Interested in trying?

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