Darrah Perez

Creative Beings are Everywhere in Fremont County

With a room full of artistic, creative minds, the CWC Intertribal Building hosted an event at 7p.m. yesterday evening with collaboration of Poetics of Peace.

The event started with a blessing by Marlin Spoonhunter, President of Wind River Tribal College. It was followed by an introduction by musician Ben Evans.

"I've met Poetics of Peace Founder, Manuela Aparacio-Twitchell a couple of years ago," he said, "and if you are not an artist or are experimenting with being an artist you definitely will become one with Manuela if you aren't already," English Professor and musician Ben Evans stated.

From a veteran, to a former Shoshone Council Chairman, to a college president, to a yoga instructor, all poets in attendance came from many walks of life. For the Evening of Light and Grace event President of CWC, Dr. Brad Tyndall showed us the side we've never seen before, as a poet, he read his poem called: Still Waiting. Every poet who shared work came with their voice of experience, life lessons, and feelings.

Last night's event made the impression that creative beings are among us everywhere we go, but especially here walking in the towns of Fremont County. The next event for Poetics of Peace will be hosted in Lander at a later date. "All creative minds, keep your eye out for the next events," Manuela Aparicio-Twitchell said, "for these events all are welcome."