Data Shredding Services

Efficient, Safe and Secure Shredding Service by DSS of Texas

We use hard drives, micro-films, papers and several other forms of media to store important data. But there comes a time when we need to dispose these things. Some people simply throw them in their garbage bins, a practice that should be corrected immediately especially with the several cases of identity theft and fraud. This being said, people should practice proper destruction and disposal of such media. For those who require professional Dallas hard drive destruction, they can rely on one experienced and fully equipped company – Data Shredding Services (DSS).

In today’s modern time, we see advancement in security systems, from securing our commercial establishments, homes and even to simple things such as social media accounts. We have also seen a surge of computer security systems and applications that help us protect important information saved in our devices. However, the reality is, even criminals are becoming tech-savvy. They adapt to such advancements and become creative with their own scheming tactics. Thus, it is essential for people to become extra careful when handling sensitive or personal information that can be exploited by others with unscrupulous intentions. So, if you ever need documents or hard drives shredded or destroyed and disposed properly, you can always rely on DSS.

Each hard drive contains tons of information stored in specific areas. Apart from what most people know, simply deleting data, files or folders from your computer will only tag it as available space for future storage. The data is exactly where it is prior to the deletion, and even as new files replace the deleted information, there are certain forensic techniques that can still recover the data. So, who knows what some tech-savvy person can do to retrieve your personal information and use it for his own advantage? People should be careful in disposing items that contain such data, such as a hard drive. One slight mistake and your life and everything you worked hard for can vanish like a bubble. It is for this reason that experts would highly recommend several processes to safely and securely destroy hard drives and other similar items.

Some of the most common forms of hard drive destruction are overwriting, degaussing, crushing and shredding. Overwriting is the use of a special software that overwrites or replaces data with meaningless patterns and characters. This is done for a number of times until the original data is incomprehensible. Degaussing is the use of high powered magnetic fields to delete and destroy drives. Crushing is manually crushing the drive with the use of special equipment to render the drive inoperable. And finally, shredding is basically shredding the dive into tiny bits that make it impossible to recover stored files and information. 

Data Shredding Services, as the name implies, offers professional Dallas hard drive shredding service for all forms of media such as, but not limited to, hard drives, micro-films, CDs, x-rays, paper and several others. Unlike degaussing and overwriting, shredding can be done on non-functional hard drives. The company inflicts irreparable damage to all of your hard drives so that all your files will be irretrievable. For your peace of mind, the company is a certified member of the National Association for Information Destruction. In fact, they have achieved the highest level of certification to date for computer hard drive and non-paper media destruction. Also, they provide evidence that your information or items have been destroyed.  

To make it even more convenient for its clients, the company provides more than just your typical shredding service by offering on-site shredding. Meaning, if you are not comfortable having your items brought to their facility to be shredded, they can actually do the shredding in your location. This way, you can also observe the process and be at peace that everything is done properly and securely. 

If you are in need of their services, you would have to give them a call for estimates as providing a price for the service you require would depend on some factors – distance, type of shredding, items to be shredded, and quantity of your items. They will have to know as much information to be able to give the most accurate estimate. You can reach them at 713-463-9300. When it comes to professional Dallas hard drive shredding, you can always trust and rely on Data Shredding Services