Daylight Donuts

Daylight Donuts: Riverton's new place to have lunch

Daylight Donuts: Riverton's new place to have lunch

"Daylight Donuts"... The name sparks the thought of enjoying a chewy, sweet morsel and a cup of joe as the sun rises. BUT, this sentiment is quickly starting to evolve as we expand our menu to include a variety of lunch options!

Image by rpavich via flickr, CC 2.0

We are now offering:


Just in time for the cool weather! 

Choose from a Bread bowl - 12oz soup for $6 OR Bowl of 12oz soup for just $3.75.

Weekly Menu

  • Monday - Chicken Noodle
  • Tuesday - Wisconsin Cheese
  • Wednesday - Potato Bacon
  • Thursday - Mac & Beef
  • Friday - Chef's Choice

Soups are served Monday - Friday only.

Yellowstone Calzones

Get the meal for $5 (includes calzone, chips and a medium soda) OR without the meal for just $4. 

Flavors Include: Cheeseburger, Ham & Cheese and Pizza

We've also taken strides to make your stay more comfortable and work/homework-friendly by outfitting each table with plug-ins for your electronics and free wi-fi.

Whether high schooler, college student or taking a break from the office, Daylight Donuts is a fast, affordable and delicious way to spend your lunch break!

Our hours are 3 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 3 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. We are located at 622 E Main in Riverton.