D Best Productions, LLC

D Best Productions Is Shaking Up the Film Industry

Excited by the growing number of clientele, D Best Productions, LLC will now be offering special promotional items to their customers. The company has decided to reward its loyal customers. D Best Productions will be offering referral discounts to any of their customers who refer individuals to the company. The change will become effective July 2018.

The company will offer referring clients a $20 discount the next time they book a package of $100 or more. Referring clients that book a package of $300 or more will receive a discount of $50. The referring client's discounts will be available up until six months after the referred client's booked package. The great thing about the offer is that there is no limit to how many referrals a client can give. Only one referral discount may be redeemed per booking.

With D Best Productions offering this new promotional item, it not only helps the company, but the clients benefit as well. This offer enables customers to be rewarded from sharing their D Best Production experience with others. D Best Productions is choosing to honor its customers for their loyalty, which is something they noticed a lack of in their industry amongst their competitors.

About D Best Productions, LLC: D Best Productions, LLC was founded in October 2016, and officially launched on February 24, 2017. The goal of D Best Productions is to produce culturally relevant content that inspires all audiences through entertainment and social commentary. Since the start of the company, D Best Productions has produced over a dozen promotional, wedding, and music videos. As well as short films and promotional images.