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Deepak Goradia: Biography & Profile | Deepak Goradia

In an interaction with Built Constructions, Deepak Goradia, Vice Chairman of Dosti Realty highlights that besides offering customers a valuable projects, realtors must focus on sensible pricing method. This approach can fulfill the commitment of being a true friend to customers.

Despite coming from commerce and law background, Deepak Goradia zeroed in on to pursue artistic architecture, landscapes and constructions especially in the real estate stream. “It was a conscious decision to enter the Real Estate sector and it was a natural progression for me to enter the family business. As it was in my very young age entering the field, later it began interesting and it became my passion and I just followed it,” he recalls.

Dosti Realty was incepted in 1980 and ever since, it has been synonymous with trust, togetherness and reliability. “In the span of over three and half decades, we have built an impressive portfolio of over 5,500 homes that house over 27,500 residents in 95 impressive Dosti complexes.

Being a Mumbaikar, Deepak Goradia is always excited to make his passion evolve in his city and he says, “The ability to create homes for millions of people and to make their ‘Dream Reality’ was the main reason to stay hold in this field.” The firm believes in providing its customers beautiful surroundings and amenities. However, Dosti keeps customers away from involving complexities involved in housing sector. All key projects including The Pioneers, Dosti Acres, Wadala, Dosti Flamingos, Parel Sewree, Dosti Elite in Sion and Dosti Vihar were testimony to the company’s values.

Dosti Realty has taken the pride in incorporating sustainability factors most of its projects. This has made the customers to live in an improved environment, better life style and with more joy. “Customers are increasingly becoming more aware with sustainability aspects. They prefer projects that adhere to sustainable and green building norms. We want to join hands with such customers and contribute to protect our planet for the future generation,” he states. The firm has adapted ‘Green Building norms in all projects under IGBC and its new projects are Pre Certified Gold Rated.

Our firm works for its quality projects in terms of design and aesthetics, contemporary architecture, innovations, project execution and timely delivery’. Life is thriving on technology and buildings are not spared here. Dosti Realty is far advanced in terms of materials usage that prefers light weight products yet, are durable. Maintaining eco-logical balance and to ensure vast green space around every project is a hallmark of a Dosti creation.