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UConn Delta Gamma Chapter Closes in Relation to the Death of a Member

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Pally was a sophomore member of University of Connecticut's chapter of Delta Gamma. Photo Courtesy of CBS News.

STORRS, CT., March 21, 2017 - The Delta Gamma Fraternity officially closed the Epsilon Pi chapter of Delta Gamma at University of Connecticut. This decision followed the death of sophomore Jeffny Pally, 19. Pally was run over by a fire department SUV after falling asleep against the door of the garage of the university’s fire station, WFSB reported.

Pally fell asleep after attending an unregistered party off campus on October 16, 2016. It is reported that she drank heavily at this event, and because this event was unregistered, six UConn students were charged last month with alcohol related charges in relation to Pally’s death, CBS reported.

“The tragic death of a new member greatly affected Delta Gamma Fraternity and caused council to reflect on the member experience at Epsilon Pi,” said fraternity president Stacia Rudge Skoog. “The decision to close a chapter is never easy, but council strongly feels it is in the best interest of the chapter and University of Connecticut community.”

After months of deliberation, the Delta Gamma Fraternity decided that closing the chapter was the best decision, not only following the death of Pally but also years of policy violations and unregistered events by the chapter. In addition to closing Delta Gamma, UConn decided to also close the fraternity Kappa Sigma, which was the fraternity hosting the unregistered event on the night of Pally’s death, WFSB reported.

The university stated its decision to end Kappa Sigma’s charter was based on, “a pattern of behavior and organizational culture that has been dangerous to the members of the group as well as those associated with it,” WFSB reported.

On the night of Pally’s death, firefighters returned to the fire station after a false alarm to find her body and they immediately called the police. The tragedy was ruled an accident, and six students face alcohol related charges. Two other students face charges for calling the false alarm that firefighters left the station to answer that night, WFSB reported.

Pally’s death follows many other Greek Life related tragedies, as the Addiction Center reports that four out of five members of sororities and fraternities are binge drinkers.

Three young women founded Delta Gamma Fraternity in 1873 in Oxford, MS. Since then, Delta Gamma has grown into one of the largest Greek Life organizations in the United States, fostering sisterhood and friendship all over the country.