MediaSoft – CRM/CLM Pharmacentric Solutions

In todays market many companies are looking forward to differentiate themselves from the competition focusing on delivering exceptional customer experience. Company success in delivering customer experience depands on approach in two areas : Customer Relationship Managment and Closed Loop Menagment.

The best of CRM systems today are cloud based, incorporate new closed loop marketing capabilites and are oriented toward mobile platforms. Your CRM should include features designed to drive your business by generating sales and improving business while adapting to constant change. An effective CRM strategy across sales, marketing and customer service by the right CRM solution will help you to build long lasting relationships with potential and existing customers.

While healthcare providers are becoming increasingly busy meaning they have less time for sales presentations and they are becoming more comfortable using tablets and apps pharmaceutical industry began to adopt closed loop strategies as a digital solution for pharma. If you have recognized your company with that features and want to use pharmacentric solutions in your business MediaSoft is perfect solution for you.

MediaSoft provides Pharmacentric solutions to the life science industry in the CRM/CLM segment. Multichannel is the aproach wowen into our pharma CRM/CLM solutions and enables our customers to approach doctors through different ways and channels. We are flexible, innovative and cost efective pharma CRM vendor because we deliver a unique solution according to your needs. MediaSoft has been listed in the global Gartner CRM report as one of the Respresentive Pharma CRM vendors. Founded in 1996, Media-Soft is established in more than 50 countries and improves sales force effectivness for more than 110 pharmaceuticals worldwide throught our CRM/CLM solutions.

Our CRM – SalesVision have flexible software and is designed to set up the new Multichannel approach where you can engage with your doctors throw various channels including CRM, CLM, event managment, social media and many more. Sales Vision Pharma CRM allows users to change, manage, adjust every segment of the solution. Since it is cloud based platform it can be accessed from anywhere, easily upgraded and enhanced.

Since the mobile technology is changing the way we interact and understand customers needs we could say that we are very aware of that because SalesVision was the global first offline Pharma CRM for iOS and Android. Like also GEO – tracking ,an essential tool for life science sales force, allowing reps to identify and locate their potential sales targets from any GPS - enabled device.

Thats not all...

With the help of BookVision CLM solution you can easily create your own digital content or upload content in pdf, pots and other formats and load it onto a sales enablement platform, making it available to pharma sales reps on any device. In a BookVision CLM system, sales team recevies feedbacks from pharma sales reps related to content usage andt they can use this information to help guide future content creation.

Our idea was never to be the leading pharma CRM vendor in terms of revenue, profit and employees. We just want to design excellent pharmacentric CRM/CLM tools and partner with really compatible pharmaceuticals.

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